My friend Chris and I started a campervan rental business based out of Calgary. This is a fun side gig that allows us to enjoy the van ourselves, make some money and learn different aspects of running a small business. The van itself is super cozy, has everything you need for a rocky mountain getaway, or winter trip to California with you and your family! We are looking at adding a few more vans in the near future to our fleet so visit our website and send us a message so we can keep you posted!
The website itself is running in heroku, using react and webkit.


This project is now retired, but it was a side project that me and friend/co-worker Chad Walpole have been working on. There are nightly data loads pulling information from various sources online, using automated scheduled Google scripts to pull and push the data to our website. We are currently hosting this on AppHarbor.

K.I.D.S. Initiative

A friend of mine introduced me to Cat Ross a few years ago in Winnipeg, and she told me about her cause and it made me want to be apart of it.

Lynne Holdings

My cousin and her husband own a housing company and asked me to create a website for them. Notice that it's just one page, but the menu changes as you scroll through. Here it is!

Blackwood Construction

One of my good friends is the co-founder. Blackwood Construction is a Winnipeg based general contracting company which specializes in new home framing and renovations.